Starving? Feast Your Eyes with These Delicious Instagram Accounts

With up to 50000 users going to upload 5000 pictures per hour across the world, Instagram represents great photography movement which inspires and amazes.  There is nothing better than food to inspire us. A yummy plate of food doesn’t only fulfill your hunger, but can also feast your eyes when presented right. If you are a foodie, here are the delicious accounts you should follow on Instagram.

Marika Collins

@marika_collins is a Toronto-based lifestyle and food photographer who has a sweet tooth. You will find a unique polished feel on her Instagram feed, completed with old yet beautiful silverware and painted tables.

Sarah Copeland

Sarah Copeland or @edibleliving is Real Simple magazine’s food director. Based on New York City, she is a food expert and cookbook author. She shares delicious food pictures and new recipes.

Jess Dang

Jess Dang’s @cooksmarts feed has a lot of healthy and vegetable dishes from her official blog, Cook Smarts. She has a great passion for cooking. So, she uses her account to inspire people for the benefits of eating yummy yet healthier food.

Joann Pai

Joann Pai or @sliceofpai is a Vancouver-based lifestyle and food photographer. Because of her nature of work, she captured and sampled some of the eclectic and exquisite cuisines.

Donal Skehan

The Dublin-based food blogger and photographer has published three cookbooks to his name. The photos by 25-year old photographer showcase his love for both food and travel.

Karen Mordechai

Karen Mordechai is a food photographer and food stylish. She also founded a communal cooking center, Sunday Suppers, based in Brooklyn. Most of her feeds include her cooking.

Kankana Saxena

You may visit to check out the blogs of @kankana_saxena. She shares her delicious food photographs on Instagram. She has huge range of delicacies of her feed, ranging from Italian to Indian dishes.

Jehan (@jehancancook)

Food blogger, Jehan’s posts seem to be inspired by the Caribbean and Guyana culture. She posts homemade food comes from her legacy. Her blog features modernized versions and traditional recipes.

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Jamie Oliver

Also known as “Naked Chef” after his first show on TV, @jamieoliver is well known as a dad, chef, food geek and lover. You will check out his Instagram feed with loads of photos to inspire anyone to spend quality time cooking food in the kitchen which is both healthy and tasty.

Caroline (@carolineadobo)

The Philippine-born food photographer, Caroline moved to Los Angeles in her teens. Now she lives there. You will find her feed more vibrant as it represents her love for family and food.

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Sarka Babicka (@sarkababicka)

The well known food blogger and photographer, Sarka Babicka lives in London who has her official blog “Cook Your Dream”. She is passionate in feasting and traveling and it is shown in her Instagram photos taken with her iPhone.

Ashley (@ashrod)

She started her cooking career by plating her delicious desserts at Spago, Beverly Hills. Now, she is sharing her unique skills in food styling through Instagram and her official blog “Not without Salt”.