Instagram vs. Snapchat – Comparing Features for Your Business

Normally, the modern youth needs one thing from a social platform – terrific features with innovative user interface to share videos and post pictures easily. Above all, it is considered to be the source of entertainment for them. When the trend for selfies is on its peak, most of the users are using both platforms. So, businesses are also looking for the best platform to use. Actually, both Instagram and Snapchat have their unique market share and huge fan following. Both of these platforms have huge population of young users who are completely obsessed with smart phones. In this guide, you will learn about the features of both Instagram and Snapchat so you can choose the safer and better platform for your business.


Have you ever met some people who don’t relate to your life, but you know most of things about them? The answer is definitely yes. We are living in the world where social media plays a vital role to make the world shorter. It has really made everything accessible at the comfort of your home. Users on Instagram share everything in their daily life through pictures, even what they munch throughout the day, with unique hashtags, when other users are not really into who enjoyed what on lunch. Hashtags are always there for Instagram users.

Instagram users are totally obsessed with photos and some may get annoyed with this upsurge trend. According to the privacy policy in Instagram, the pictures of users can be private or public. It’s up to the user whether they choose to keep their pictures private or public. They post their own photos that can be found through hashtags.


Snapchat includes texting with pictures. Parents are more concerned as kids are supposed to spend most of their time on Snapchat sharing pictures and it worries them. There are predefined number of pictures and videos on Snapchat you can receive and send at a certain period of time. The duration of session is very short, i.e. a few seconds. When the session expires, data is removed. It is supposed to be safe but privacy policies are likely to be changed in social media without informing the users.

The major problem with Snapchat is that teens really don’t know that Snapchat reserves the rights to use their data and they agree to the policy without reading it. So, parents have to keep an eye on their kids as what pictures they share on this platform. Their pictures can be accessible across the world.

Snapchat provides “Stories” and “Snaps”. Snaps are the videos or pictures shared by the user with single person. Videos and stories shared by a user can be viewed several times before session ends.


Instagram creates library of images. On the other side, the underlying feature of Snapchat is that data that user shares are not permanent but it can easily be violated. So, Instagram is considered safer for your business and personal purpose. This is the reason why people prefer using Instagram more than Snapchat.